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Seed & Cherry


Seed & Cherry

August saw the opening of Northern Quarter artisanal coffee shop Seed & Cherry. We have been working closely with the team over the past few months in the development of an interiors and branding concept, drawing inspiration from their passion for high quality, single origin coffee.

The ambition for the space was to create ‘coffee experience’ for customers in an informal, relaxed atmosphere. Forming a welcome sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the near-by shopping district, the existing clean lines and edges of the building have been softened with natural materials, bespoke lighting and planting.

These material choices have been influenced by the coffee making process and our research has taken us on the journey of the coffee bean, from seed to cup. Raw hessian, a nod to the coffee sacks, features on our counter front and bespoke table tops, of mixed tones, take influence from packing crates.This rawness is punctuated with a contemporary choice for furniture and display shelving which feature strong lines and edges. A colour palette of greens and reds is drawn from the coffee plant itself, in contrast to the typical darker tones we normally associate with coffee.

The interiors concept is continued through the branding which features a delicate typeface and logo mark that pays subtle homage to the shape of the coffee cherry. A topographic line can be seen in the artwork and on menus which, for those that know their coffee, is a reference to the mountainous terrain of coffee growing regions. Hand-drawn diagrams and custom displays adorn the walls, giving customers insights into the story of the humble bean. As with the interiors materials are a key element of the branding with accents of wood and textured paper featuring throughout.

As their name suggests, Seed & Cherry are all about their coffee and we’ve developed a scheme that represents their ethos. Enthusiasts will undoubtedly be at home here, but also those wanting to delve a bit deeper into the world of coffee.