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Gong cha arrives in Manchester


Gong cha arrives in Manchester

Situated in the heart of Manchester’s city center, Taiwanese bubble-tea chain, Gong Cha opened up its first flagship store in Europe, closely followed by it’s second store on Manchester’s main shopping high street. NoChintz we’re appointed by Gong Cha to introduce their brand to the West, bringing a vibrant and deeply routed design to the city.

Taking influence from traditional Chinese heritage, each element has been designed with a strong influence of colour, texture and shape. Upon entry into the space, a statement ceiling feature powder-coated in Gong Cha’s signature red welcomes the customer. Wooden panels, inspired by the structure of tea fields clad the wall, routed with the insightful origins of Gong Cha’s tea. Bespoke stools are designed around the structure of the Chinese writing style, Hanzi and linear woodwork divides the space. Continuing through the space the ceiling feature creates a dramatic statement for both customers inside and out creating a journey through to the counter at the rear of the space. Traditional Asian heritage inspires linear tiling which clads the counter and supports the language of the vertical tile stack on the back bar. Warm oak flooring stretches through the space, transitioning into boba-tea inspired rubber flooring at the servery area, subtle enough to zone the space without creating separation.

A small nook within the flagship store’s space has been designed to create that perfect Instagrammable spot, with Gong Cha’s signature phrase reflected in the mirror. Black spheres are suspended from the feature ceiling inspired by the tea-bubbles, creating an immersive and fun photo opportunity for customers.

The scheme is playful and exciting – and truly reflects Gong Cha’s brand values. A perfect addition to Manchester’s bustling city center.