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NoChintz launches Locke Hotels Gym brand


NoChintz launches Locke Hotels Gym brand

Locker: boutique functional fitness at Locke Hotels

With functional fitness as the future of training, Locke Hotels launches its own brand of boutique training facilities. Exclusive to its locations, Locker offers guests exclusive use of the studio which has been created and delivered by Manchester based design studio NoChintz.

The gym has its own identity within the hotel. Named ‘Locker’ the styling delivers a more premium fitness space with a hydration and cool down space, bespoke equipment storage and smoked mirrors wrapping the room to create a statement space for physical perfection. A strong, refined and simple framework delivers an aspirational space which caters for all. Taking cues from the common gym locker to deliver a strong and functional gridded space which is durable, compact and able to make your own during your workout.

With NoChintz’s partnership with Eleiko, the world leaders in training equipment, Locker offers guests the best there is, in an environment to suit; so that you can perform better.

With 24 hours access and a scheduled yoga classes, Locker is not your standard hotel gym. A boutique training studio with is tailored for you and ready for you all day, every day.