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Great Minds // Brand Identity


Great Minds // Brand Identity

Creativity happens when two worlds collide and great minds meet. NocChintz recently designed a new identity for startup digital PR company Great Minds who offer a full-service experience for their clients.

The identity uses pixelated gradients and monospaced typography to represent the bringing together of two sides — the synthesis of a clients message within the minds of their audience. The brand application creates instantly ‘ownable’ imagery and twists common social media phrases to create something memorable.

The colour palette is made up of a selection of vivid tones that represent the company as bold and energetic. In addition, we’ve developed a flexible system of pixelated graphics that can be used to make any image ‘belong’ to Great Minds. By selecting colours that compliment the content of the page, we will reinforce the detail Great Minds go to in all of their work. We carried the pixel identity through to branded collateral such as the business cards, then onto the web design balancing the graphics and colours to create a smooth user experience.

By affirming such a bold energetic brand identity for Great Minds they are certainly ones to look out for within the digital PR market!