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Best of Milan Design Week 2018


Best of Milan Design Week 2018

So after a week of being blown away by everything, we’ve attempted to narrow down our sightings into a few staples that really stood out for us at MDW 2018.

Kicking off with a collection of works hosted by Belgian gallery, MANIERA. Inviting architects and artists to bring a different outlook on collectable furniture – whether it be old or new. A personal favourite has to be furniture by Italian firm, Piovenafabi, inspired by details from the Milan subway.

Club Unseen by Studiopepe showcases a comparison between the contemporary world and memory, craftsmanship and digital content, public and private in an unusual, surprising set piece where social interactions are interpreted through the design of an exclusive place to be shared with others. A 10 from us.

Unsurprisingly, Faye Toogood never fails to bring her finest, idiosyncratic concepts to Milan – Working with textile producer, Takeyari – her new collection of modular seating, ABCD is comprised of four oversized cushions shaped like four letters of the alphabet. Gold.

Making their debut in Milan, New York based Matter Made makes headway with their lighting, furniture and collection of unusual objects. Presenting their new works with Faye Toogood, Phillippe Malouin and Oeuffice – MM XVIII has presented a new collection composed of glass fibre vases, stools, tables and lamps. A beautifully curated collection, with a playful and refreshing take on furniture and lighting.

Another unusual yet exciting installation stood out for us at MDW. Swedish-Chilean designer, Anton Alvarez created a series of tall vessels featuring cobalt blue. Installed within a Milanese Palazzo, the 12 vases stand tall made from extruding clay. Alvarez has named the project Yves Kiln, referencing both the ceramic firing process and the cobalt blue, which was first mixed by French artist Yves Klien in the 1960’s. The 12 pieces were created for an exhibition called Unsighted and a definite favourite of ours from the week.

Last but not least, Moooi’s outstanding contribution to MDW. Paying tribute to extinct animals, Moooi creates a range of wall coverings and textiles. Carpets, leathers and fabrics make up the collection but the highlight is the series of wallpapers, made in collaboration with Arte. The designs take inspiration from ten extinct animals, including the dodo, umbrella squid, blushing sloth and bearded leopard. Moooi found their inspiration from exploring the collections of various museums.

“We searched museums around the world and found the most incredible drawings of bygone animals, documented by explorers on their travels,” said Marcel Wanders, co-founder at Moooi. “So much of what has lived is lost and can only live in our memories and imagination. For Moooi, the ‘Museum of Extinct Animals’ became an inspiration. We want to share our excitement, wonder and love, and try humbly, against our better judgement, to hold on to what is lost and celebrate it coming back alive again.”