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Creative Director, Lucy Goddard Appointed as WIN Awards 2017 Judge


Creative Director, Lucy Goddard Appointed as WIN Awards 2017 Judge

“Each year at the Awards Ceremony, we recognise and showcase the designs that have made the biggest impact on the cultural landscape during the previous 12 months.” – World Interiors News

NoChintz Creative Director and Co-Founder, Lucy Goddard will be judging at this years World Interior News Awards. Working across the studios hospitality portfolio and as a Director of our own food and beverage brand Foundation Coffee House, Lucy will use her 10 years of experience as a Director at NoChintz to review the best Restaurant and Cafe interiors from the last year. Lucy’s most notable projects to date include our work with Natural Retreats, including Lews Castle and The Inn at John O’Groats.

“Lucy Goddard co-founded creative studio NoChintz, and as Creative Director she has built the studios award winning portfolio of interior design and branding projects across a range of international commercial projects. Now in their 10th year the studio boasts a diverse portfolio and has grown to successfully deliver full service design solutions for clients; from naming a business right through to the moment the first customer steps through the door, celebrating 10 award wins in the past 3 years.

In 2015, NoChintz opened their own food and beverage brand; Foundation Coffee House. As the largest independent coffee house in Manchester, it has become renowned for its stylish interiors and the balanced lifestyle it promotes through its food, drink and event offering. The space itself is frequently used by brands such as Ellesse, Size, Topman and Levis for photoshoots and product launches.

In 2017, the studio will launch their own retail brand; Curated By. An online lifestyle store selling an edited collection of products hand selected by Lucy and the team.

With a passion for travel, Lucy spends her time exploring the global hotel scene as a contributor for The Hotel Culture. Now leading the studios hospitality team, her most recent professional work was the completion of a 23 bedroom hotel in the Outer Hebrides and she is currently working on several developments across Manchester.”