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Urban Splash appoints NoChintz on hoUSe Show Apartments


Urban Splash appoints NoChintz on hoUSe Show Apartments

Northwest based developer Urban Splash have recently appointed NoChintz to design the show apartment on their latest venture, hoUSe. 

HoUSe, designed by award winning architect Shedkm, received multimedia coverage in leading publications such as Wallpaper and Dezeen. This modern city living concept combines the contemporary loft apartment feeling with the traditional Victorian terrace widely seen in the Manchester suburbs. The high ceilings, private front door and garden space is designed to answer the demand in current market trends. 

The architecture of the building allows the homeowners to chose their own floor plan, and the challenging brief of this flexible design has been answered in full by our design team. The space encompasses a ground floor marketing suite and kitchen, first floor Master and Children’s bedroom, and a large open plan living and dining area to the third floor.

NoChintz have developed a soft furnishing scheme with Scandinavian and modern influences using a predominately monochrome colour palette with accent tones in greens, greys and pinks. Creating an interior that is not only an inviting and modern space for potential homebuyers, but also a cheerful and inspiring home. From the colourful and exciting children’s bedroom, to a top floor open plan living space which includes a comfortable window seat with views of the canal. The pitched ceiling is given added prominence with a lighting feature suspended over the large dining table which was styled with a striking installation of candle holders. NoChintz have carefully selected each piece of furniture and styled the rooms to give an instant homely warmth, within an aspirational and modern apartment feel.