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Ampersand Office Design


Ampersand Office Design

When Ampersand, the award-winning commerce agency, moved its Northern Quarter office to Blackfriars, founder and entrepreneur Darryl Adie came to NoChintz. The brief was to include a lego wall, round board room and asked if we could knock down walls to make space for his team to play with nerf guns – we knew we were the perfect match.

Ampersand was quickly expanding from a smaller company and Darryl wanted to keep both the unique comfort of the Northern Quarter and fuse it with its bold new identity in this much larger corporate workspace. NoChintz was appointed to give Ampersand an office space which was practical, but also showcased the company’s playful side – a brief we delivered on and then some.

As well as delivering the interior fit out we implemented environmental graphics throughout the space. Taking influence from Ampersand’s digital services we developed pixel style illustrations which add a playful touch to the kitchen area. The quite working space was given its own identity with a large scale relief  ‘Shhhhh’ wrapping around the wall. Check out the war room with fin style screening and anamorphic illustration that provided a great optical illusion as your walk by, we will leave you to work out what it says…