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Spotlight On: NoChintz’s Kara Latham


Spotlight On: NoChintz’s Kara Latham

Kara Latham joined NoChintz in October 2014 to head up the residential interior design work. Kara has developed her expertise as a residential interiors specialist over the past eight years for businesses including Elle Designs and UBER Interiors and by working in the high end, private residential client market. She has worked on projects throughout the UK but her most recent appointments have covered properties in the North West region within the Cheshire hot spots of Hale and Alderley Edge. Projects have ranged in size from a room redesign to a full house remodelling, show home and apartment fit outs.

  • Favourite designer or piece: 

Louise Bradley for her timeless style and attention to detail in every aspect of a project.

  • Trend forecast:

I tend to not focus too much on predicted up and coming trends as my experience has taught me that when residential interior design clients are investing money in their home there needs to be longevity in the design, which comes from more timeless style rather than a trend focussed approach. I do like to attend design fairs & exhibitions such as Maison et Object as they are great opportunities to discover new suppliers for furniture, fabrics and lighting. For me a projects success comes down to listening to a clients wants and needs and working with them to bring to life their dream home.

  • Three words to describe you:

Perfectionist, driven, compassionate

  • Inspiring Quote:

‘Style is a very personal; it has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly. Style is forever.’ Ralph Lauren

Having a fondness for quotes I really struggled narrowing this down but I think the above sums up my attitude towards my interior design style. Even though the quote is about fashion, the message behind is easily transferable to other areas of design.