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Private White Mayfair


Private White Mayfair

The brief was to create a flagship store for Private White following the success of our shop fit in Salford. Reflective of the Mayfair district in London and the prestigious development the unit is located in, the shop-fit needed to be an evolution of the previous design, taking some of the details through but having an overall more premium feel.

The design concept came from conversations about displaying garments as pieces of art, so gallery inspired fixtures and fittings, which essentially are all one tone so that the garments stand out. Copper detailing taken from the clothing is taken through to the lighting and rails, and some fixtures and lighting having reference to the factory by using pulley systems. Eclectic furniture is used in the space as well as vintage pieces for the counter and display to give a sense that this is Private White’s living room.

A premium seating area and large changing room also gives customers a more memorable shopping experience where they are invited to spend time in the space, have a drink and really become immersed in the detail of the garments. Hidden TV screens will have rolling images of the factory and a projector screen will also allow visual reference to Private White collections.

We also designed a bespoke timber staircase again picking up the copper detailing on handpicked spindles. The main counter has a copper top, which is detailed with studding, similar to techniques used in garment and shoe making.

Our clamp lighting seen in previous projects, again making reference to the factory, has been upgraded to a bespoke track style system around the perimeter of the space.

The lovely high ceilings and brick finishes are all maximised and retained. All the finishes chosen are premium, with a concrete effect floor and all services and unitary being finished in the same warm grey tone in reclaimed timber.

This reinforces the heritage feel of the brand but elevates the space to a premium shopping experience you would expect from the quality of the brand and the prestige of the area.