NoChintz We are a creative studio
Focused on interior design and branding




NoChintz were initially engaged to provide proposals for the outdoor space of Oddest Bar, with the purpose of creating an inviting and welcoming presence on Wilbraham Road in Chorlton. We created fixed seating and tables out of timber and provided bright coloured furniture and cushions to add pops of colour and refresh the existing brand. Lighting hung from the existing Victorian canopy and screens made from reclaimed doors also help to delineate this space, as well as hanging brightly coloured geometric graphics in the main windows.

We then took these colours into the interior creating a feature bar and tiled finish, we consulted on all the new fabrics for the soft seating throughout the space. We provided a fresh colour palette and decorated the space to maximise the quirky, existing features such as the ceiling parachute, the beautiful Turkish style lighting and the stained glass and divider made from tapes. A rich dark colour helps keep the intimacy of the backspace whilst lighter warmer neutral tones help maximise the felling of spaciousness.

We also stripped back the floor and the main bar lights to create amore open and lighter space. The overall result is a brighter and more contemporary space, which connects through the interior and exterior seating areas.