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Blue Pig


Blue Pig

Continuing our work with the Odd Bar group we were asked to refurbish the Blue Pig Bar giving the space a more edgy, dark and current feel, inspired by a European approach to bar design. The bar had a distinct restaurant feel with heavy artificial planting and decorative booth seating, we were asked to strip this back and re-look at the space and how the interiors and branding should transform the space.

We provided design consultancy on wall finishes, furniture modifications and bespoke ceiling graphics and posters. We fly-postered some of the existing walls and DJ Booth using bespoke designed posters, featuring in-house hand illustrations. We ran with the blue pig name to the ceiling illustrations, which were hand applied onto blackboard paint by a local artist, Chris Dorning. The fly-postering has been taken through to existing tabletops to introduce pops of colour here.

We also created some unique illustrated shutters to brand the windows and transform the external presence on a prominent corner in the Northern Quarter.

All the illustrations for the posters were drawn in-house at NoChintz and heavily use text play of Blue Pig as well as pattern, and various figures to help give a unique identity. Layering the graphics and distressing the shutters and paintwork helped create a more worn look that the client wanted.