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Peel Holdings – Orange Tower, MediaCityUK


Peel Holdings – Orange Tower, MediaCityUK

Peel holdings recently appointed NoChintz to provide an exciting and bright marketing suite for their Orange Tower office spaces.

Orange Tower stands tall in the centre of MediaCityUK surrounded by the Lowry, the Studios and the BBC.

At 16000sq ft. this project was no small feat, we used the existing branding and slogan “Choose a Brighter Workspace” as our inspiration to introduce not only colour but also a journey, identifying all the wonderful attributes that are within and surrounding the Orange Tower in MediaCityUK.

We used brightly coloured furniture throughout the space and large full height acrylic screens; which were used to direct and highlight key aspects of offices that would appeal to a company looking to relocate, as well as framing the views over key areas of MediaCityUK with Vinyl to provide a modern take on a stain glass window.

Throughout the space we installed large format info graphics and we created a birds eye view, floor map allowing visitors to get ‘in the map” which shows the full scope of everything that MediaCityUK has to offer from culture, technology, restaurant, bars, events, sports, shopping and transport.

Using multi coloured vinyl triangles that reflect the facade design of the Orange Tower building, potential tenants are guided through the space as the colour theme changes for each zone. Within each zone we used furniture that highlighted key attributes such as:

Collaborate – highlighting the media hub within MediaCityUK.

Links – All the great transport links close by, via car, bus and tram.

Learn – Orange Tower has a great links with Salford University bringing the next generations into the creative and media world.

Play – Identifying the surrounding bars and restaurants, water-sports, cinema, theatre, music.