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NoChintz Visits: Hamburg


NoChintz Visits: Hamburg

NoChintz recently went to Hamburg to explore some of the hotel concepts that we’ve been hearing good things about.

25hours Hafencity

Designed as a home away from home, the cabins and all of the rooms at the 25hours Hotel Hamburg Hafencity are warm and cosy.  The hotel takes inspiration from the harbour and local shipbuilding history, shown through design details including shipping containers and a check-in counter comprised from creatively stacked wooden crates. The interiors tell stories from 25 seafarers from around the world, not only illustrated on the walls but also narrated in logbooks in each room


Superbude is a hostel / hotel concept located in the heart of Hamburg. The design concept is based on the reuse of materials including plungers used as hooks, denim jeans used for sofa material and a wall made from plastic bottles, its ‘stackable beds’ concept is also a standout feature; the design is a rejuvenated version of Rolf Heide take on stackable beds from 1968. The innovative space creating design helps convert a two-bed room into a four-bed room in an instant, allowing the 74-room hotel to cater for up to 240 guests.