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NoChintz Re-fresh Iconic Teacup Brand


NoChintz Re-fresh Iconic Teacup Brand

Teacup may have grown older but it certainly hasn’t grown stale. The maturing brand may, however, be looking to grow sideways with exciting plans of expansion afoot — and as part of our on-going commitment to the Sparklestreet family, our graphics studio NoChintz ID, have reviewed and refreshed the Teacup brand to allow room for future growth.

Teacup on Thomas Street has been renamed to Teacup Kitchen and to celebrate this, NoChintz were commissioned to redesign the window space of the iconic brand. We’ve incorporated the revised logo into a design that showcases a Parisienne style list of delicacies and a (not so) subliminal message about cake. We also created a series of bespoke icons to represent the restaurant’s main focus which helps to frame the other information. The window makes use of gloss white, solid red and transparent red vinyls to make a bold and confident statement whilst still allowing people to see into and out of the restaurant.

We invite you all to sip once more, the great tasting produce of an iconic, yet refreshed, northern quarter brand.

For all the delicious details Teacup Kitchen has to offer, visit their website here.