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QDos Fitness


QDos Fitness

QDos is a fitness facility offering CrossFit, Strength and Conditioning, Weightlifting, Strongman, Kettlebell and Bootcamp classes.

We were briefed to develop designs for all interiors and branding, fusing contemporary gymnasium luxuries with the raw feel of CrossFit, a high intensity style of training which until recently had been a more underground movement with participants training in raw industrial spaces.

Features include a custom made peg board with bmx grip pegs, 24 metres of astroturf lanes, a hand crafted steel slide and a tyre chandelier.

In the main “arena” we used a special play-safe floor branded with loading bays for weightlifting, we created a bleacher area for members to sit and watch competitions, with the choice to slide down to the gym floor if desired! A bespoke reception desk, retail unit, lighting, and a rope wall also add intrigue to the downstairs facilities. We used materials associated with the brand such as rope, and tyres throughout these features.

Our graphics team developed unique wayfinding in the form of action heroes fixed to each door grasping the individual signage (there are 13 characters used in total ranging from Batman and Catwoman, to Wonderwoman, the Hulk, Yoda, Professor X and Iron Man) as well as adding instructional graphics painted as part of the running tracks on the laid resin gym floor and in the main entranceway.

We also commissioned an illustrator to story board and create a bespoke comic strip that was printed as large format graphics onto a 12 metre run of shower doors that spanned both the male and female changing rooms; the original artwork sketches for which was framed and hung throughout the space leading upstairs to the finished piece itself. As finishing touches we produced clothes hooks out of piping and gate valves, and superglued over 250 miniature toy soldiers along the walls of the ladies and gents bathrooms forming vertical battle zones up on high.

The gym opened it’s doors to the public last month and we hope everyone has as much fun in there as we did

Photography by Pip Rustage (c)