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Tiny’s Tipple


Tiny’s Tipple

Tiny’s Tipple is a new independent bottle shop offering on Wilbraham Road in Chorlton. Tiny, a small family dog with distinctive ears provided the inspiration for the theme of the shop.

We acted as design consultants on the interior walls, ceiling and counter finishes as well as the lighting throughout and the window dressings. We also produced the artwork for the brand logo.

Taking a muted colour scheme of greens, blues and metallics we used a playful composition of tiles on the counter with a beaten copper laminate for the top. The lighting picked up on these colours, with homely installations in powder blue and green fabric cord.

We dressed the existing cabinets with vintage style door handles to add in a decorative element. Metallics came into the new wallpaper which sat against our installation of industrial style shelves for tasting sessions.

The window dressing looks at referencing both bottles and dogs. Dog collars are used around the necks of bottles sat on retro styled tables and a suitcase is adorned with dog toys and blankets ready for Tiny to sit in, proud to passers by.

Photography by Pip Rustage (c)