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NoChintz Loves: Glass Farmhouse


NoChintz Loves: Glass Farmhouse

This amazing glass Farmhouse is located in the town of Schiindel, Netherlands. The trompe l’oeil exterior is printed glass with the motive of a typical local farm, 1.6 times larger than life.

Created by architects AVRDV, in collaboration with Frank Van der Salm, who photographed all of the remaining traditional farms, and from these composed an image of how a ‘typical farm’ looks. The construction took 12 years to complete and will house shops, restaurants and a wellness centre.

At night the structure will be illuminated from the inside, becoming a monument to the farm. At a hight of 14 metres the Glass Farnhouse is intentionally built out of scale and and is 1.6 times larger than a real farm. The printed image follows this augmentation, with the superimposed farm door for example appearing 4 metres tall. When adults interact with the building, they can experience child size again, possibly adding an element of nostalgic remembrance to their reception of the building. To enhance this further, there will be a table and swing next to the building, a scaled up farmyard.

MVRDV realised the building together with Hooijen engineers, IOC Ridderkerk for installations, Brakel Atmos for the facade and AGC for the print.

Source Trendland