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NoChintz Loves: Bespoke Innovations


NoChintz Loves: Bespoke Innovations

We love this BBC In Pictures ‘Arty Artificial Limbs’ feature, profiling the work of industrial designer Scott Summit and his design company Bespoke Innovations. The company create prosthetic limbs that are designed for each individuals unique tastes and styles.

In 2004, Deborah Bevilacqua lost her lower leg in a motorcycle accident. She had a custom-made prosthetic leg fitted in 2010. “Instead of trying to blend in and be like everyone else, now I really go out of my way to show off my leg,” she says.

Bespoke Innovations use three-dimensional printing to create the prosthetic covers. “3D printing is incredibly versatile, it can print anything you can dream of,” says Summit. “We’ve created many parts that are metal lace for example, so it’s very delicate but actually very strong. We really like playing with the dynamic of that.”

Summit’s team has also provided prosthetic legs for soldiers. “They like something that has a lot of energy in it, because you’re talking about a guy who’s usually in his early 20s – that is someone who is full of energy, and they like to show that whether they are in their car or their motorcycle or their body.”

James, who lost his leg in a motorcycle accident, wanted something that would complement his tattoos and his Harley Davidson.

(Source: BBC News Magazine)