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Lock 91


Lock 91

NoChintz recently provided design consultation for Lock 91, a new bar offering located at Deansgate Locks.

We consulted throughout the design process on décor, lighting and furniture as well as the bars that are located over 3 levels. The brief was to create a homely atmosphere, referring to the heritage of a 19th century Lock-keepers cottage.

Whilst keeping with the theme throughout each level of the bar, each room has been created with its own identity.

The baroque detailed wallpaper and dressing in the ‘Lounge’ created a modern twist on 19th century style, the industrial lighting and décor used in the basement bar creates a relaxed atmosphere. The top floor room ‘The Library’ is adorned with books and has wardrobe doors framing the entrance.

Reusing old scaffold boards we created cladding and tops for the basement and ground floor bars. We chose a sleek panelled look for the bar in the top room, where the dance floor is located.