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Killer Whales Sighting At John O’Groats


Killer Whales Sighting At John O’Groats

More than a dozen killer whales made a rare appearance off the most northerly point in mainland Britain on Monday morning. Visitors to the John O’Groats coast were spellbound as 14 killer whales splashed and played in the harbour.

The whales were just meters off the Natural Retreats John O’Groats site, making it the ideal place for visitors to catch a glimpse of the mammals.

There have been a record number of whale sightings off the Caithness coast in 2012 because of cooler summers in recent years. Since the whale watching season began in April, there have been 24 sightings of orcas alone.

We’re back on the Natural Retreats John O’Groats site this week, hoping for some Killer Whale sightings!

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(all images via Daily Mail website)