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A Look At: The Team


A Look At: The Team

We couldn’t think of a better opportunity than our 5th birthday to reveal some random facts about the NoChintz team.



*My parents used to have to put padlocks on our kitchen cupboard doors to stop me eating and I still managed to get in!

*I have Three Chickens; Martha, Poppy and Ethel and hope to be starting an egg production line at NoChintz

*My nickname at university was Stella 7.2 – the average amount of seconds it took for me to drink a pint

*I have visited 40-ish states in the USA


Laura R

*I have been asked to stop donating blood as I’m too much of a liability

*I like sleep…a lot

*I am a stationery geek

*I never swear (ok maybe once when I was really mad!)


Laura M

*I love documentaries and will often watch The History Channel

*I have the worst singing voice known to man, sadly this fact does not stop me singing

*I waitressed at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships for 3 summers while at university

*I hate surprises – even good ones



*I hate goat’s cheese

*I once sung in a band and love singing on karaoke

*I have a 10″ scar running down the middle of my stomach!

*I love Duran Duran



*I have been a massive F1 fan since I was 4

*I made my own zoo from my pets and Insects I collected in jam jars even put my goldfish in my paddling pool

*I hate the sound of people brushing their teeth

*My first gig was a DREAM concert when I was in high school



*I was made in the Sudan

*I have been in a TV show with Diarmuid Gavin

*I walked down the aisle to Monty Python’s ‘Flying Circus’

*My best friend is a Frenchie called Mr.Marcel



*I was England’s strongest schoolboy when 15 years old

*I own a functional fitness gym called Train Manchester, in Castlefield

*I am a mentor to a variety of small creative and leisure businesses across the UK

*I am very interested in nutrition and follows a Paleolithic way of eating



*I love my bike

*I have a kitten called Sidney

*I studied Sports Therapy before becoming a designer

*If I could go back in time it would be to the 60′s