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The Making Of: NoChintz Christmas Decorations


The Making Of: NoChintz Christmas Decorations

This Christmas we have decorated both the Spinningfields and the Albert Square Christmas trees as well Black Dog Ballroom and Suzanna’s bar. All complete with our own NoChintz designed tree decorations, which were made bespoke for each project.

Suzanna’s Bar

Throughout the bar and restaurant we hung large Garlands that were decorated with bespoke designed, cut acrylic decorations.

The pieces we created included snowflake and bauble shaped cut outs in gold and bronze that achieved a luxurious feel and enhancing the bar’s current interiors.

Black Dog Ballroom

One of the most striking elements of the Black Dog Ballroom Christmas decorations is the large ‘Black Dog at Christmas’ vinyl manifestations that we created.

The colour scheme for the bar was ‘Winter Dusk’ with a bright and vibrant edge, this was reflected in the fuchsia and purple coloured vinyl’s that were used throughout the bar area and entrance stairway glazing.

We continued the ‘Black Dog at Christmas’ theme and we created vinyl printed Christmas Black Dog baubles for the white Christmas tree. We also designed bespoke acrylic snowflake decorations and glitter filled transparent baubles for the tree.

Spinningfields Christmas Tree

The woodland theme for the Spinningfields Christmas tree allowed us to create decorations that were distinctive and imaginative.

The bespoke acrylic decorations we created included; birds, leaves and foxes set in simple wire cages or wreaths and baubles dressed with pine cones, cinnamon, raffia and oranges.

The use of plywood laser cut decorations and rustic twig baubles are combined with more traditional festive golden stars creating an amazing Christmas tree!

Albert Square Christmas Tree

The Christmas decorations, in collaboration with the City Council, incorporated ideas from the ‘I LOVE MCR’ campaign launched earlier in the year.

Festive cut out shapes including deers and stars were used, as well as snow filled transparent baubles that created a snow globe effect.

Giant baubles in red, white and black; the campaign logo colours, had the phrase ‘MCR LOVES XMAS’ and Mancunian quotes on them.

We creative bespoke Festive cut out shapes from vinyl including deers and stars. We filled transparent baubles with fake snow to for a snow globe effect.