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Leanne’s Visit To The Big Apple


Leanne’s Visit To The Big Apple

Leanne recently took a visit to New York, here is her Big Apple diary:

Food wise you never get bored in New York, but Katz Deli is a great place to start, their Pastrami sandwich on rye is a must!

The Highline park now spans 23 blocks and is a definitely worth a visit, the seating and planting makes it feels like it was always that way, however there are areas where the original tracks still exist.

While we on that side of Manhattan it seemed rude not to visit Chelsea market, even if it did take nearly 2 hours to get through because I found a 2 floor anthropologie. Anthropologie has some great displays using old bookcases and vintage furniture.

After a few days in Manhattan, I took to the streets of Williamsburg and hit Bedford Avenue finding great shops, vintage clothing, tons of independent coffee shops.

My favourite little store was a called Catbird where they sold beautiful personalised jewellery.

After a day of eating and drinking my body weight in great coffee, we finally hit Barcade. Barcade is a bar that literally has Arcade machines lining the walls, with every retro arcade game you would ever want, they also have a huge range of beers and cocktails.

After a well rested night we hit Brooklyn on the day of the New York Marathon, we had breakfast at Mile End then hit every vintage shop on Atlantic Avenue. Met some great people and saw some great shops. Collier west had a beautiful interior, to the point were I didn’t know what was for sale and what wasn’t, I just knew I wanted to bring it all back to the UK.

On my travels I visited the MOMA, Metropolitan, and the Natural History museum, none of the artefacts came alive unfortunately however the Planetarium still blows me away!

I would highly recommend that anyone who visits New York visit the whispering arches in grand central station. The arches are designed so well that you can whisper into on archway and the person at the other end of the archway can hear you clearly, its brilliant and is a perfect excuse afterwards to have a drink in the Oyster bar next door.

I finally got to see the Interiors that New York Agency Nemaworkshop produced for D’Espresso. They designed an interior that looks like the room had been turned on its side!

On my visit as well as seeing the amazing sights of New York it was great to visit some exhibitions. The Metropolitan has a great range of exhibitions, my favourite piece was by Anish Kapoor, whose work I love and enjoyed when he held his exhibition in Manchester early this year.

Great week, Great place!