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NoChintz Designer Loves


NoChintz Designer Loves

Here are NoChintz Designer Leanne’s design picks of the moment:

‘Solid Poetry’ is an idea conceived by Frederik Molenschot and Susanne Happle. Used on concrete slabs Molenschot and happle have created a design that changes as the environment around it changes. When it rains or is a particularly humid day a pattern will begin to form on the concrete, eventually creating letters, patterns or shape.

Robert van Embricqs ‘Rising chair’ departs from the boring and conventional seat-and-legs approach to chair design. The foundation of the chair is a flat surface; cuts in the wood create beams which are pulled up to create the seat.

Designer Sonya Winners award winning ‘After Matisse’ rug is inspired by artist Henri Matisse’s works, made of paper cutouts. The rug blends durable New Zealand wool with soft silks to add color, texture and warmth to home interiors.