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Designboom Holiday Offices


Designboom Holiday Offices

The designboom team have come up with an innovative way of creating ‘holiday offices’ for their summers spent in Sardinia.

Using shipping containers which are completely removable they have avoided the extreme wait for planning permission, which can be years in Sardinia, and have instead created a temporary structure. The result, as you can see from the images, is pretty spectacular.

The area features an outdoor kitchen and dining space, covered by a straw canopy, two live-work containers. To avoid excess wind and weather elements the two external doors of the container can be pulled together, creating a wall around the space. Each container also features sliding glass doors that provide extra security and light within the containers.

Although the project has been expensive, the result is a unique working space taken from the use of a shipping container, a rapidly popular choice for ‘pop-up’ structures.