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Spotlight On Theurel and Thomas


Spotlight On Theurel and Thomas

Designer clothes, designer cars and designer furniture, we like it all but we have found our new designer must have, Macaroons.

That’s right, the French pastries have been taken to Mexico and have been housed in the most incredible patisserie in the world.

Theurel and Thomas have opened up the first patisserie In Mexico specializing in Macaroons. All white walls and flooring, with elegant furnishings has made the patisserie sophisticated and unique. The only colours at all come from the Macaroons themselves, creating a visually stunning effect and ensuring that the desserts are the most focused-on element in the store.

Detail has been key for the patisserie design, even the uniforms wore by the chefs and front of house staff are minimal and follow the overall theme.  There is a definite Parisian feel throughout and French elegance is clearly present in every element.

The project by Anagrama, in collaboration with Roberto Trevino and German Deheza is one of a kind and offers the store in San Pedro, Mexico, an exclusivity and luxury that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

We’re not sure of the overall practicality of this design but it makes for the most beautiful images, and the macaroons look delicious too.