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‘What is Interior Design?’


‘What is Interior Design?’

“Last night was the ‘What is Interior Design?” talk for The Adult Programme held at The Whitworth Art Gallery. The Keynote was by Graeme Brooker, the course leader of Interior Design at The Manchester School of Art. Graeme has written several books on Interior Design, with supporting presentations from Ric Frankland of Dwelle and myself.

It was my first time doing any form of talk and seeing how much Graeme and Ric had got prepared made my stomach churn even more than it had building up to the event! Graeme was brilliant, getting the latest academic perspective on the subject, from someone who’s very highly regarded was like going back to university and attending an inspirational lecture. He’s very keen to challenge the stereotypical views of interior designers and the industry, something which is desperately needed and requires more public awareness.

Next up was me, trying desperately hard not to humiliate myself and NoChintz, also conscious that following someone like Graeme was never going to be easy. I discussed two examples of NoChintz projects to show the range of work we do within ‘interior design’.

Ric followed with his talk about how the concept of Dwelle began, has developed and his journey with it. Seeing how his mind works and his frank honesty was a great insight into Dwelle and the realities of putting a structure into reality. He discussed how much more user friendly it can be to specify and tailor a home, taking inspiration from tried and tested means which are strangely alien to the construction and home-building industry.

After the presentations there was a healthy Q&A ranging in topics from the avoidance of domestic interior design from the interior design community, to our most favourite and hated interiors of Manchester.

Having the talk and discussion is a great opportunity for us to reflect on what we’re doing and how we can improve ideologies and practices, hopefully there’ll be more chances for these to happen going forward”.