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Amsterdam Creative Capital by Marcel Wanders


Amsterdam Creative Capital by Marcel Wanders

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“Out of curiosity and commitment and convinced that the new can’t exist without the old, Marcel Wanders went in search of Amsterdam’s creative past, personally choosing the men and women he feels are ‘his creative family’. These heroes are honored in this book, highlighting the city’s most creative moments and inventions of the last 700 years.

Marcel Wanders wants to illustrate how an open, tolerant city contributes to creativity and how creativity binds people. He sees creativity in the largest sense of the word; it does not only exist in predefined fields, but is found in the heart of the creator, not constrained by any definition or form. Therefore in this book you will find new, sometimes unlikely, connections; heroes who look beyond existing inventions and conventions and in doing so, open new worlds – in the past and the future.

In his own way Marcel Wanders wants to show the world the potential of the city: Amsterdam is the creative capital because she has the creative capital.”

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