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Natural Retreats, Yorkshire Dales


Natural Retreats, Yorkshire Dales

A weekend away at Natural Retreats, located on the doorstep of a National Park, was just the rest bite directors at NoChintz needed after back-to-back projects since the summer!

These award winning timber framed architectural residences (18 in total) were spread over 54 acres of stunning countryside. Full glass frontage provided views out over the dales, although the contemporary interiors and a wood burning fire made it hard to pick up enough resolve to explore them!

The Retreats, not visible from the road, sunk seamlessly into the landscapes. Their Evergreen sedum (living planted) roofs were just one of the Retreats commitments to eco-principles.

We arrived at night, descending into a dark valley, to be met with the dreamlike glowing pods. Our residence was at the top of plot and after a short climb up we found our key (locked in a coded box) and entered the residence. We were greeted by a welcome note and large hamper stuffed full of fresh bread, farmers market cheeses, eggs, fairtrade fresh coffee and wine. A basket of logs was filled for the wood burning fire and a selection of brand new games (scrabble, trivial pursuit etc) were propped ready for a night in!

Each of the three bedrooms boasted an en-suite wet room (complete with spa therapy cosmetics) and crisp white Egyptian cotton bedding.

This sustainable design project has achieved zero carbon status. It boasts biomass heating, E Solar Glazing, 100% renewable energy sources amongst many other feats in green technology.

Breathtaking views, complete silence (with the exception of some interesting wildlife!) and as much Fashion TV as I could stomach made this break as relaxing as you can get. Getting our car snowed in also made it as funny as you could get!