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Dominic Hits the Manchester Evening News


Dominic Hits the Manchester Evening News

Name and job title: Dominic Beardwell, Operations Director at NoChintz

What does your job entail?

I have a wide range of responsibilities across various business areas and operational functions. With NoChintz working within a number of creative sectors, and dealing daily with interior design projects and consultation for private clients, retail, hospitality, investors and developers, it is crucial for me to ensure that there is effective functional support for the creative teams so that they can flourish.

How much time do you spending working out of the office?

My time is spent shared between working in the office, working at home, and out meeting clients and on site. With this function I need technology to work for me. The tools we have in place as a company allows us to do this efficiently and effectively. Whatever location I am in the technology I use enables me to work.

What is your most useful gadget?

I have an iPhone that is synchronised with my Apple mac which acts as a personal assistant wherever I need to work. The iPhone is a magical piece of kit! It enables all the staff to carry our digital portfolio on our phones (which is a great visual tool at networking events) as well as allowing us to respond quickly to emails, view PDFs and access on-line files.

What gadgets could you not live without?

My Sat Nav! We travel across the country on a daily basis to visit clients. I’d (quite literally) be lost without it.

What’s been your biggest gadget nightmare?

Swapping from a PC to an Apple Mac – it took me days to stop trying to right click!

Do you Twitter, Facebook, MySpace or Bebo?

Nochintz uses its own blog, coupled with flickr and facebook to promote its creative talents through on-line social networking. All of our projects and photography can be viewed in detail on all three sites.

Is social networking useful for work?

Social networking for NoChintz is no different than traditional networking. You meet people and you can get to know them by identifying common interests. Those that share these interests with you can then become part of your network and when they start talking about you your reputation spreads by word-of-mouth. The more social networking you do, the more it drives traffic to your web presence.

What piece of equipment would you most like to get your hands on and why?

A laser tape measure! To put an end to awkwardly maneuvering and trying to document large spaces!

What would make your life easier at work?

A foosball table!